What Makes MLB Bitcoin Betting Stand Out from the Crowd?

Wagering on baseball has become extremely popular with many considering the sport to be the best to place bets on, regardless of whether the gambler is a professional or plays just for fun. This is reasonable, since the number of competitions taking place in Major League Baseball (MLB) exceeds that within other sports leagues. When one knows how to place bets with a higher probability of happening, one can make money on this. In addition, due to a short timespan between the sporting events, the bettor can calculate stakes to maximise profit more effectively and succeed more quickly.


In order to understand all the benefits, one should consider the differences between wagering on MLB and other sports games. Let’s presume, the bettor knows how to make profit, for example, 0.004 BTC in one game of any sports of his or her choice.


In case of baseball, given the abovementioned profit, one can earn around 10 times more money than when placing bets on some other sports league, for instance, NFL. Apart from profitability, wagering on baseball incurs less risk and allows a more conservative betting.


Additionally, there are extra games that help an individual find and apply various betting strategies throughout the season. This means that one can use a certain method for a week or so and, with enough information gathered, understand how it works and determine whether it has to be improved or abandoned completely. In contrast, it would be hard to collect as much data about, say, European soccer league, as one would need the entire season for this, which may seem too complicated for something one just wants to try out for one’s own analysis. Also, for those who bet just for fun, baseball is a perfect choice, as it offers the widest spectrum of games among all other sports.


Use Bitcoin to Bet on Baseball

One of the best and most recognisable companies that deal with bitcoin sports betting is JETWIN. The service offers its customers to make bets on various baseball games. In contrast to other platforms dedicated to bitcoin sports betting, such as Lunarbets, the range of competitions on JETWIN is much wider and the spectrum of bets is much broader and includes total runs, winning margins, money lines, run lines and many more.

Nothing can be easier than opening an account with JETWIN. Just a few easy mouse clicks and the player can start placing bets. There are no limits on deposit or withdrawal amounts, so even a curious gambling enthusiast can credit some bitcoins to his or her account and try out betting on the platform. JETWIN is highly praised by its users for the opportunities it offers, including the simultaneous maintenance of two accounts – full and anonymous, as well as no-deposit and deposit bonuses.


Unique Types of Bets

One of the most noticeable features that distinguishes wagering on baseball from other sports betting is related to the starting pitchers who play a crucial role when it comes to the game, and hence, the odds. Not so long ago baseball betting opportunities were expanded by the introduction of a new standard – a list of pitchers. This implies that there are several names of starting pitchers for the bettor to wager on. In case the pitchers are for some reason changed later, the bettor will be reimbursed, while the betting market will be refilled with new pitcher names as well as new odds.

Another option is the so-called ‘action betting’ suggesting that bets will remain, regardless of the alteration to the starting pitchers or other issues. However, the odds after the change may differ from those set before. There is a number of services offering both ‘action’ and ‘listed pitcher’ bets, so it is up to the user which one to choose.


Best of luck and enjoy bitcoin sports betting!