The Toughest MMA Fights

There are a number of traditional sportsbooks, as well as the ones offering bitcoin sports betting, available in the market. Betting enthusiasts can choose from a variety of bets on different sports, including MMA betting. In general, sportsbooks offer two types of bets – pre-match and live, however, sometimes the most spectacular MMA battles take place outside the ring.


The fighters scuffle not only for the sake of money, but also because they love it. Most MMA fighters are real gunpowder barrels. Therefore, to light a fuse not much is needed – a negligent look or reckless expression and they will throw punches, sometimes even chairs or beer cups.


Charles Bennett vs. Wanderlei Silva’s cornerman


Charles Bennett has never looked for the road less travelled. Behind the scenes of PRIDE he had a fight not with Wanderlei Silva himself, but with his cornerman – Cristiano Marcello. At the beginning, Bennett was successfully pummelling the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu master, but then was held in the triangle choke and knocked out. Nobody even tried to pull the fighters apart, however, eyewitnesses managed to record the fight on camera.



Mark Coleman vs. Murilo Rua


One more PRIDE time fight that broke out right on the ring. In the battle against Mark Coleman, Mauricio Rua fell down badly and broke his arm severely. However, “Hammer” continued smashing defenceless “Shogun” even after the gong. Mauricio’s brother Murilo rushed to help him; moreover, Wanderlei Silva did not stay on the sidelines and got into fight with Phil Baroni. It was a harsh battle between the two teams. Even 66 years old Coleman’s father got involved.



The Diaz brothers vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov


«UFC fighters staged a fight in the WSOF tournament» – sounds hilarious. Khabib arrived at the tournament to support his brother Abubakar, but Diaz brothers, in turn, encouraged Jake Shields. The fighters stood just against each other and evidently had some argument. Nick started to insult the Nurmagomedov’s team, showing middle finger, that was followed by throwing glass of beer, which reached Khabib. The scuffle broke out and later turned into a brutal battle with flying chairs and Nate Diaz appearing from time to time. Surprisingly, none of the fighters was injured during the battle. So, who was beating whom still remains a question.




Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones


The battles become less and less personal. After fights the former “enemies” are shaking hands as if nothing had happened , saying “it’s just business.” The hatred has turned into a mechanism for promoting fights. Nevertheless, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier really hate each other. The exchange of verbal barbs between fighters overheated both rivals to such an extent that the Sunday’s duel became a real blast.




Jason Miller vs. Diaz brothers


In April 2010 satisfied Jake Shields gave an interview after winning the Strikeforce World championship over Dan Henderson. He was among cheerful members of his team. Well, everything would be fine, but Jason Miller intruded, saying “where is my revenge, buddy?” Fighters started pushing each other, and Nick Diaz did not waste time on trifles and smashed Jason into face. Junior Diaz immediately came up along with the rest of the team. For initiating fight in front of cameras Jason and Nick were excluded from participation in future fights. The incident became known as the “Nashville brawl”.



Nick Diaz vs. Joe Riggs


One of the craziest fights in MMA history again has not been without the participation of Diaz brothers. After the tuff battle of three rounds at UFC 57, Nick Diaz and Joe Riggs did not go to the press conference, but straight away to the hospital. While Joe with both hands broken was waiting his turn in the hallway, Nick was cursing him from the nearby room. On his way to undergo medical tests, Joe stopped in front of Nick.


“What do you want?” Nick asked.


“I just kicked your ass in front of the whole country. By the way, it is your second defeat and most likely you will be fired.”


With a sense of accomplishment Riggs moved on, but suddenly heard steps behind him. When he turned around Diaz punched him into the face. They started the fight right in the hallway of the hospital. Evidently, Nate decided to help his elder brother and got involved as well. This mess lasted for about five minutes until policeman pulled them apart.


“When I got back home, everyone trumpeted that Nick knocked me out in the hospital. There was a knock-down, I do not deny that. However, I did not expect the punch so I was not able to react. Nick is completely out of his mind. Who would start a fight in the hospital?”


According to Joe, he is being asked about the incident at the hospital more often than about his performance in Octagon. Well, it is a pity that no one recorded this craziness.


Since then, by the way, after fights the enemies are placed into different hospitals.




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