Sports Betting and Bitcoin – Evolution of Online Bookmaking 

The online-gambling industry that began its development around fifteen years ago continues to rapidly gain pace. The scale and revenue of the online gambling sector, which has become one of the most promising forms of entertainment and ways to make money on the Internet, grow in a very dynamic and steady manner. According to the statistics, the volume of the world’s online gambling market increases by several billion dollars every year. For instance, in 2014 the trading indicators exceeded the level of 40 billion dollars, and the industry experts predict that the tendency will only get stronger in the coming years hitting the 50 billion mark or even higher.  


This type of gambling has become extremely popular owing to the widespread use of the Internet. As a result of its rapid development, there is now a large number of tech-savvy users constantly looking for new methods to earn money online. Additionally, the modern world is characterised by the creation and extensive application of mobile platforms and innovative technologies that allow gambling operators to remain competitive within the market and attract more players. During its relatively short life the remote type of gambling has managed to win trust of many users in view of a high security level and advanced opportunities of the online gambling market. As is well known, the aforementioned industry includes several areas: casino, bingo, poker and many other games. However, the most successful and profitable field in the gambling sector is sports betting.




The demand for the services that offer customers to place bets on different sporting events is increasing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. This form of entertainment and a way to add to one’s income appears to be a favourite pastime for many people. It also serves as a perfect alternative to trading on exchange platforms, since the user can make bets at any time of the day on any sporting event without the need to leave his or her home or office. Nowadays, it has become much easier to analyse and forecast sports results given the vast amount of information available to an individual thanks to the television and World Wide Web. As one may well guess, sports betting can bring significant income not only to players, but also to operators who specialise in online gambling services. In order to attract a larger number of customers and make the service more convenient, gambling-companies strive to improve the quality and features of their products by implementing additional payment systems, such as bitcoin.


The emergence and integration of the cryptocurrency gave rise to a new era in the sports betting sector and online gambling industry in general. Bitcoin as a payment method has opened unprecedented opportunities for both the service operators and players, for transactions with the cryptocurrency do not require involvement of third parties, such as a bank, and are normally carried out in a matter of seconds regardless of the player’s current location. Many gambling enthusiasts have grown to like this payment tool despite its novelty and price volatility.


Bookmaker companies dealing with bitcoin offer their customers an incredibly convenient way to make bets on a great variety of sporting events taking place all around the world. Bitcoin owners can wager on absolutely any sport they are fond of, including soccer, tennis, box, motorsport, rugby, baseball, basketball, cricket, horse racing, etc. Bitcoin sports betting is a relatively new area in the industry, which still has a long way to go before reaching the level of the most recognisable and established gambling companies in the market. For example, European bitcoin gambling represents only a tiny fraction of the total volume of the sports betting industry, since crypto-companies are still struggling to compete with such leading bookmakers based in Europe, as bet365 and Ladbrokes. Despite the fact that bitcoin is at an early stage of the development, it currently takes the position which is much higher than a few years ago.


Overall, there is no significant difference between traditional bookmakers who take bets in standard currencies and bitcoin bootmakers except for the choice of the payment method. However, due to the integration of the aforementioned cryptocurrency bitcoin companies are able to offer their customers to benefit from a number of advantages this type of gambling can bring. First, the possibility to place bets in bitcoin will please all those who highly value their time and convenience. Bitcoin is a method of payment that can be deposited and withdrawn from one’s account in the blink of an eye, as it does not imply involvement of an intermediary. If that is the case, payments processing usually takes several hours to several days. As concerns bitcoin, the sender can transfer the necessary amount of money directly to the recipient’s bitcoin address anywhere in the world; the funds are normally delivered in the shortest time possible. Secondly, bitcoin sports betting is often considered to be anonymous. Generally, bitcoin services do not ask users to provide identification documents regardless of their country of residence, while traditional bookmakers require proof of identity to be sent for verification on a mandatory basis to abide by the licensing rules for all those who run this type of business. Thirdly, online gambling operators specialising in bitcoin offer a pretty wide range of teams and sporting events to bet on. In addition, the minimum bet amount in bitcoin is usually lower than that in standard currencies, which can attract even those players who decided to try to use the virtual currency for the first time or to add to their bitcoin income through bookmaking services.


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On the websites dedicated to bitcoin sports betting players can learn that odds are also lower than those set by standard bookmakers. It can be explained by bitcoin being a ‘newcomer’ in the world of sports betting, and in order to reduce the risk of a large influx of professional players, which could lead to unintended consequences, operators of bitcoin services do all they can to stay afloat as long as possible keeping the right balance and ensuring sustainable development. Nevertheless, sometimes odds on bitcoin websites can be even higher than those of traditional bookmakers, in case the former have not managed to adjust the data in accordance with other services. Therefore, placing bets on bitcoin websites may turn out to be more favourable than on standard betting platforms.


For those who have been following the whole development of the gambling industry, the bitcoin sports betting market in particular, it is quite obvious that this sector is by all means growing at a strong pace. The number of websites offering to bet in bitcoin has more than doubled during the last few years. Given a broad range of services in the market, players are free to choose which one to go for. As of today, one of the most prominent and successful betting platforms dealing with bitcoin is Jetwin.


Jetwin – #1 Bitcoin Sportsbook  


The company Jetwin was founded in 2013. It offers three types of gambling services that are in high demand among players. Those include slots, Live Casino and sports betting. Jetwin is a unique service that accepts only one payment method – the innovative bitcoin. In order to start placing bets or playing at the casino, the customer has to deposit bitcoin funds into his or her account. Quick registration, instant uploads, a complete list of sports events for betting make Jetwin a leader in the online bitcoin gambling industry.


Jetwin was one of the first bitcoin companies that began to accept bitcoin, thus, spreading it to the masses. The bookmaker provides an opportunity to wager on a variety of sporting events from soccer to hockey, the Southern continent’s favourite – Aussie rules to darts, minor to major European and world’s leagues, suiting every taste and interest. Jetwin takes pride in its trademark consisting of the company’s memorable logo and name that have become recognisable within the today’s gambling community.


Jetwin logo


Given its constant drive for advancement and dynamic development, the bitcoin platform has justly earned the reputation as a successful and reliable betting service provider. In addition, a large number of positive comments and reviews published on different websites, thematic forums and social networks used by Jetwin customers serve as a proof of the company’s high quality service.


The bookmaker offers players a broad spectrum of bets, which means that everyone from keen gamblers to newcomers has a chance to win additional money or simply spend a good time. The minimum bet amounts to around $0.20 of a national currency or the equivalent in bitcoin and can reach up to $1500 or even higher. Apart from favourable bets, Jetwin has a great number of other advantages:


  • Instant Registration and Opening of Two Accounts

The majority of Jetwin users note that one of the most attractive features of the service is the registration procedure that takes only few seconds. The process involves the receipt of the verification letter sent to a new customer by e-mail to confirm the registration. As soon as the user completes this step, one can immediately start placing bets on any sports competition. Upon the sign-up future players have to decide which account they prefer to use further on. Jetwin provides its customers with an opportunity to choose the account type – anonymous or full – by themselves.  If users want to preserve their privacy, they can simply open an anonymous account indicating only an e-mail address, password and the currency in which they would like to keep funds. However, in order to create a full account, one has to fill in the fields with their personal details, such as name, surname, date of birth, residence address, e-mail and telephone number to receive codes necessary for getting bonuses or special offers from the company. Unlike other services, Jetwin allows customers to not only open different types of accounts, but also use both accounts simultaneously, which makes the platform truly unique and attractive for betting enthusiasts around the world.


  • A Wide Spectrum of Currencies

Upon registration, users have to select the currency in which they want to keep funds on their account. Before choosing customers should thoroughly think it over, since it will be impossible to make changes to the currency information later on. The service offers players to choose from a great variety of currencies, including mBTC, EUR, SEK, GBP, USD, RUR, CAD.


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For instance, if the user opts for the dollar, upon deposit the relevant amount will be automatically converted into USD at the current rate, while upon withdrawal it will be turned back into bitcoins. This function helps to avoid the so-called currency risk, which can contribute to the expansion of the community of bitcoin enthusiasts and newcomers in the betting industry. Moreover, given the growing number of customers and the rising interest in digital currencies overall, in the near future the company plans to expand the range of currencies it supports.


  • A Great Many Bets

Jetwin stands out from other betting services by offering the largest number of pre-match bets. The bookmaker’s users have an opportunity to forecast the outcomes of the most exciting and anticipated events in the world of sport by placing bets on not only the total, handicap or full time result, but also cards, corners, players, etc., depending on sports competition.


football bets


These days it is hard to find a person who would not be a fan of at least one of the sports existing today. Jetwin will appeal to all gambling enthusiasts, as the bookmaker allows one to wager on absolutely any sport, including baseball, football, hockey, handball, volleyball, motorsports, golf, floorball, rugby, snooker, water polo and many more. The service covers an amazingly wide range of professional sports leagues, such as, NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, NBA, Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, etc.


  • Fantasy competitions – Mythical Soccer

All sports-loving Jetwin customers have a unique opportunity to enjoy games of the so-called ‘fictitious leagues’. Users can place bets on the outcome of additional ‘fictional matches’ while their favourite teams are taking part in real games. In the mythical soccer the result is determined at the end of two matches in which the teams may belong to different leagues. The winner of such fictional competition are those who scored more goals in their match. In case both teams have the same number of goals on their match record, the result of the fictional game is considered to be the draw, meaning that a player who wagered on such outcome wins the bet. This betting option attracts many gambling enthusiasts, for it allows them to gain a totally new and exciting sports betting experience.


  • No-Deposit Bonus

Unlike other bookmakers, Jetwin offers its users the so-called No-Deposit Bonus that, as one may well guess, does not require any deposits to be made in order to start placing bets on the platform. Having created a full account, new users get a special code via text message sent to their phone numbers; the codes then have to be entered in the relevant field for the no-deposit bonus to be automatically credited to the user’s account. The sum of the funds received depends on the player’s country of residence. After getting the bonus the user can immediately start placing bets meeting the company’s rollover requirements.


  • Multilingual Service

Jetwin betting platform is available to the users from different continents and countries around the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, states in Europe and Africa, etc. For customers’ convenience, the website has been translated into six languages: English (UK), English (USA), German, Russian, French and Spanish.



Jetwin customer service team is also available in all supported languages. If users have any queries, they can send their request at any time via e-mail or the internal system and await a reply within the next few hours. Jetwin customer support take an active part in discussions on various forums dedicated to bitcoin betting, such as, Jetwin sincerely believes that the secret of success lies in the ability to provide a high-quality customer service; therefore, it always strives to ensure their customers receive an effective support and the necessary feedback at all times.


  • A Unique and Easy-to-Use Betting Platform

Jetwin sports betting service can be rightfully called one of the fastest, most reliable and practical betting platforms on the Internet today. It is based on the modern software that allows the service to offer a great many advanced functions and the highest level of convenience to the user. Due to the innovative and constantly updated interface navigating through the website, searching for the necessary sections and placing bets has never been easier. When sharing their views on relevant forums and social networks many Jetwin customers also praise the platform for its neat and appealing look.


sports bets


  • Classic Affiliate Commission Plans

Jetwin’s affiliate programmes provides everyone with an opportunity to maximise their income in bitcoin. All the programme’s participant needs is to post Jetwin’s advertisement or referral links on their website or in social network, which can contribute to the bookmaker’s overall promotion and further development. Moreover, Jetwin allows its partners to make extra money on the number of new users they have referred to the betting service. As a result, Jetwin affiliate programme’s participants can earn up to 35% of the bookmaker’s net revenues, depending on the volume of referral traffic.


  • Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

As many know, Jetwin sportsbook accepts exclusively bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency allows it to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal procedures. Transactions made in bitcoin usually take less than an hour. When depositing money into an account users need to get their specially generated bitcoin addresses and send the necessary amount from their bitcoin wallets to those addresses. As soon as the crypto-money is credited into their accounts, players can immediately start placing bets. As concerns withdrawals, it should be expected that the process may take a bit more time than while depositing. Money withdrawals are normally made within around 2-3 hours – the time that the sportsbook might need to process payments.




Therefore, gambling enthusiasts frequently give preference to bitcoin companies, such as Jetwin, rather than traditional bookmakers with which deposits and withdrawals can take several hours to several days due to the involvement of a third party. Another reason why bitcoin platforms have an advantage over betting websites, which accept only standard currencies, is that the abovementioned processes are free. Considering the fact that customers of traditional bookmakers lose up to 10% of their income because of the mandatory commission fees, an opportunity to bet with companies like Jetwin enormously appeals to the betting service users.


The number of online gambling platforms continues to grow rapidly, and given the active development and use of innovative technologies today, the tendency is likely to be reinforced in the future. Along with that, digital currencies are gaining a huge popularity, bitcoin being the most recognisable among those existing today. One of the most successful sectors where the cryptocurrency is applied more frequently is sports betting on specially designed online platforms, such as Jetwin. The service provides plenty of opportunity for all gambling and sports loving people. A simple and fast registration, best promotions and affiliate programmes, helpful customer support team, instant deposits and withdrawals and many other advantages serve as irrefutable evidence that Jetwin is truly one of the finest online bitcoin betting platforms available in the market today. Jetwin is an easy way to make extra money by placing bets of different amounts on one’s favourite sports, teams or players. Obviously, Jetwin platform’s developers will not rest on their laurels, as they clearly show determination to introduce new functions and provide more gambling opportunities already in the near future, thus, becoming the first choice for a greater number of bitcoin enthusiasts and sports fans.