McGregor as the Most Unpredictable UFC Fighter

Conor McGregor manages his career by using two buttons – “pause” and “fast-forward.” All his plans regarding featherweight from the time of his brutal KO over Jose Aldo seen in the last December – are paused. Nobody knows whether Conor will come back to defend his title and have a rematch with Aldo. Lightweight career was put on a hold since fight breakdown against Dos Anjos in this March. Conor rushed on just before the long awaited UFC’s debut in New York. Fight night at Madison Square Garden – is one of the most significant UFC events for the last 10 years. Conor was swift and convincing in negotiations and got the convenient fight against Alvarez quite quickly. The Irishman masterfully captures the moment to push the right button and get exactly what he wants. Conor’s unpredictability is a magnet to attract both trying to solve the mystery in front of the screen and those involved into MMA betting. Bitcoin sports betting with JETWIN offering the best odds on UFC fights provides such a golden opportunity to become part of the action as well.




Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez fights quite well. At the same time he is an ideal rival for Conor in relation to his style – keeps his fights standing, goes forward and sticks his chin out as he attacks. McGregor is capable to both smash him to bits at the very beginning and force into a prolonged fight to finish him off in the last rounds. It’s not for nothing that Conor picked up the speed. If he puts his lightweight career on pause now, he could risk having less convenient champion in a few months, such as Khabib Nurmagomedov, whose fighting style is a nightmare for Conor. The Russian can make it impossible for Conor to find a right moment to hit, but what he could do is to doggedly drug him to the ground for all five rounds. Khabib is larger than Alvarez and much less beaten up in battles – perhaps, he will even be able to absorb precise hits of the Irishman.


Now Alvarez and Conor are each other’s prisoners. Alvarez realizes that from two stylistically uncomfortable rivals, Nurmagomedov and McGregor, Conor is more favorable one. There is also a greater probability that battle against the Irishman will be more eye-catching. It provides the real chance of:

  • getting the Fight of the Night award;
  • opportunity for revenge, regardless of the result;
  • heroic defeat as in case with Chandler, instead of boring one as Rafael Dos Anjos had with Khabib.




One can only guess whether Conor succeeded in curing his foot injured in the fight against Diaz. In any case, it is worth the risk – even if his foot has not been fully recovered, a better scenario for Conor is to accelerate the battle and fight at Madison Square Garden, rather than defend his featherweight title against Aldo on the preliminary UFC card. And only after that, he will likely seek Khabib, with whom to fight an impressive battle, in McGregor’s style, is far from reality.


By alternating two buttons, Conor alternates low and high risks – another curious feature of his career development. Conor reaches out for big fights that may result in loud defeats – high risks. If Conor’s tactics were no different from other UFC champions’, time after time defeating a title, he, not taking high risks, would encounter frequent small risks. For instance, he could face compulsory fighters with uncomfortable styles. In such battles he will look bad, even if his winning string continues. Tricky situation. Making it a rule to take only big risks, Conor remains more unpredictable and mysterious fighter.




The mystery of Conor is that nobody really knows how strong he is and what to expect from him next. For sure, this catches attention to his fights. His career in UFC, developing in a straight line up to the championship belt (KO, win, KO, KO, KO, KO, KO), then came in spurts and zigzags. This is an essential part of the protracted game of McGregor – if he carried on his career by classical canons in the spirit of Silva, St-Pierre or Johnson – it would be easier to calculate, to predict his actions. He would fight no worse, but be among 550 fighters on the UFC contract. Conor’s unpredictability is not only part of his style, but also a convenient marketing tool. Predictable and usual – are sold hard.