Bitcoin Forecast for 2016: Eightfold Increase

It would be quite surprising if someone said that they have never heard of bitcoin. Everyone is familiar with this cryptocurrency. About fifty percent of the countries worldwide have acknowledged bitcoin as the official payment unit, and many investors and traders use it online as a tool for investment. The biggest news of 2016 is that the bitcoin is expected to grow 8 times in price by the summer!


Bitcoin – market news

According to Bobby Lee, CEO of the Chinese bitcoin exchange BTCC, by the summer of 2016 the bitcoin price will rise from the current $440 to $3,500, an eightfold increase. As of today, the total value of bitcoins in circulation amounts to a dollar per capita. Given the cryptocurrency’s growing popularity, its cost seems to be quite underestimated, to say the least.


Less ambitious about the bitcoin price increase was Daniel Masters, co-founder of bitcoin hedge fund Global Advisors. He believes that the cryptocurrency’s value is going to crawl up to $1,100 in 2016 exceeding the current price almost 3 times. Most likely the cost will approach $ 4,400 in 2017. Masters said that the increasing demand in China as well as the overall growth of the electronic currency’s popularity in financially-oriented Internet society are the factors that contribute to the strengthening of the cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin price prediction


The industry representatives, however, keep insisting on the bitcoin price rise. So why not make money on it?


How to make money on bitcoin?

Firstly, one can directly purchase bitcoins online through crypto-exchange. However, in that case, according to the market players mentioned above, the investment income will increase approximately 3-8 times. Another more progressive method is online trading through bitcoin brokerage company. Hence, one’s investment may grow 20 times higher in value. The discussions on a rapid bitcoin price increase have been going on since the beginning of this year.  


The binary options trading technology might be helpful here, since it does not matter by how many points the price can move. It is more important to determine whether it will go up or down.


As the bitcoin price is expected to grow rapidly, it is easy to predict the direction of bitcoin binary option trading. Surely, it will go up!


Considering a positive forecast on the bitcoin price and the opportunity to trade it “for free”, one can easily start his professional career from scratch, closing good deals, making profit and reinvesting in the successfully developing asset. With the right approach, predictions on the bitcoin’s price increase will bring one 50 times more profit! So why not?