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Bitcoin Casino


Bitcoin Casino Revolution in the World of Gambling

‘Bitcoin casino’ is a relatively new notion in the gaming industry, and currently it is only at the beginning of its journey. As one may well guess, this type of casino is based on one of the most recognisable cryptocurrencies today – bitcoin. Despite its novelty, gambling venues that accept among others or exclusively this virtual currency have become increasingly popular with gambling enthusiasts.


Over the last few years there has been a growing public interest in digital currencies. This tendency is on the rise due to a number of various factors. One of them is related to the society’s fading trust in the world’s governments and standard currencies. Taking advantage of the situation, gambling operators tend to create new opportunities for users by introducing additional payment methods into their systems. The emergence of bitcoin casinos is directly linked to the rapid development of the cryptocurrency itself and can serve as a stimulus for its further mass adoption.


Today it would be difficult to find a person who has never heard of bitcoin given the Internet usage growth and the vast amount of information available through the World Wide Web. Many people may not be aware of how it works or what benefits it brings, but they have certainly encountered, at least once, the name of this extraordinary technology. At the moment one can pay with the aforementioned cryptocurrency in a variety of stores, restaurants and hotels worldwide, which also encourages its development and draws more public attention. A computer technology corporation Dell as well as the famous online retailer are among widely known companies that embrace bitcoin payments. After witnessing such a tremendous progress, gambling companies also saw great potential in integrating this method of payment. But still, why has the cryptocurrency become so popular and continues to attract more and more crypto-enthusiasts?


Bitcoin as a Handy Gaming Tool

Bitcoin, often abbreviated BTC, is a virtual currency based on the cryptography. It is a peer-to-peer remittance system that operates independently of centralised financial institutions. The cryptocurrency’s generation, transfer and verification rely on an open-source software without any intermediary involved.


Bitcoin network was first revealed in 2009 when the price of the virtual currency was much lower than it is today. Despite numerous price fluctuations after the launch, the bitcoin exchange rate continued to grow rapidly hitting its peak at the end of 2013. This, however, was followed by yet another sharp drop, but later the price began to rise again and continues to do so in the present day.


Price increase


Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an experienced user in the crypto-industry, buying bitcoin will be easy as pie. Today there are many opportunities to purchase the cryptocurrency instantly.  Bitcoins can be bought, for example, through such marketplaces, as Kraken, Bitstamp, BTC-E, etc. that allow one to trade with the cryptocurrency. In addition, while some people purchase bitcoins from special exchange services or via Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, others contact bitcoin owners directly to buy the currency from them. Knowing that the cryptocurrency is subject to high volatility, some users decide to get a certain amount of coins in order to sell it later at a higher price. Apart from this feature, described by many as an advantage, bitcoin has many benefits that encourage crypto-enthusiasts, including casino users, to prefer it to traditional currencies:

  • Instant. Bitcoin is a perfect digital chip that can be not only purchased easily and instantly, but also deposited or withdrawn from one’s account in a matter of seconds. The user just needs to have a bitcoin address to send or receive money at any convenient moment. The same applies to the player who gets winnings at the bitcoin casino. The transfer of funds may take few days, weeks or even months. In most cases, this is not the fault of the casino, but rather the fault of regulations set by the bank that the player has an account with. It is well known that due to a high risk of fraud financial institutions, which process payments, take a number of precautions by checking the source and other details of all the incoming payments. Some banks try to avoid any partnership with gambling companies and refuse to accept payments from them. This largely explains why players often choose the bitcoin casino, which allows them to receive winnings instantly and seamlessly. Moreover, players do not have to worry about a payment delay on a weekend or holiday, as opposed to the case when they receive a payment in a standard currency through a traditional financial institution.
  • Cheap. This is, undoubtedly, a significant aspect for customers of any service provided. As we all know, in order to transfer money through a bank or other financial company, one has to pay transaction fees. Casino operators, in turn, tend to lower or completely eliminate ‘unnecessary’ expenses by using cost-efficient payment systems, such as PayPal, or by charging players extra. It also depends on the country where the service is based. For instance, casino users in the U.S. are normally required to pay additional fees for transfer, deposit and withdrawal of their funds. However, money deposit and withdrawal in the bitcoin casino is free. Furthermore, in most cases money transfers in these casinos do not incur any fees. However, some of the bitcoin casino operators may still require players to pay commission fee, but its amount will seem insignificant in comparison with that charged by traditional banks.
  • Easy. Given the fact that bitcoin is hard to track, those who do not want their gaming history to be revealed will definitely appreciate the benefits that the bitcoin casino can provide. The cryptocurrency is considered to be anonymous, and all one needs to have in order to play with it is just a bitcoin address and an account with the bitcoin casino. Bitcoin is an entirely decentralised currency, as it is not backed by any government or financial institution. It also means that bitcoin transactions cannot be stopped or captured by a third party. The cryptocurrency is pretty much self-sufficient, which makes the demand for it grow among gambling enthusiasts.
  • Irreversible. This feature appears to be more beneficial for bitcoin casino operators than for its users. As mentioned above, bitcoin is controlled by nothing and no one, so only the sender is accountable for the consequences of the money transfer. Since the system is not subject to any central power, the bitcoin user will hardly be able to return the money sent or file a complaint with authorities. In turn, irreversibility of bitcoin transactions is advantageous to the casino, as it bears no additional expenses.
  • Global. As many know, funds in bitcoin can be transferred to any part of the world instantly and without high commissions. Citizens of some countries often suffer the negative consequences as a result of the restrictions or capital controls introduced by the government in response to a global or national economic crisis. In search of an alternative money saving and transfer method many people resort to the use of non-traditional currencies, such as bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has no boundaries, and regardless of their location casino players can make transactions across borders and receive their bitcoin funds without hindrance.


Owners of bitcoin wallets are aware that the opportunities appearing in the process of the cryptocurrency development are constantly growing. More and more retailers around the world start accepting bitcoin payments for the goods and services provided. As concerns the gambling industry, the number of casinos embracing or focusing exceptionally on bitcoin is rapidly rising. Having evaluated the advantages of the virtual currency, casino operators realise that with its integration they can make business more profitable without bearing additional costs. As of today, such gambling services as live casinos have also gained an enormous popularity, for they allow players to reach a new level of the gaming experience largely owing to their social element. One of the companies offering a live casino service is Jetwin.


Jetwin Live Casino – Best in its Class

Jetwin is a unique service that provides its customers with a wide range of exciting opportunities. Among the company’s main services, Live Casino is the most popular. This form of online casino games features real human dealers shuffling the cards or managing the roulette wheel via a video stream. The key advantage of live casino is that users can play various games while staying at home or office.


The company allows its customers to gain the utmost experience in Live Casino that can make them feel as if they play in a real land-based casino. Jetwin offers the best gaming solutions with a great choice of tables to meet every customer’s need. The company constantly strives to maintain and strengthen its leadership in the field of live casino, as the gambling market continues to develop all around the world, especially in Europe. Jetwin customers can enjoy a number of benefits that the service provides:

  • Professional dealers. Good looking, smiling and highly experienced dealers are pleased to welcome regular and new customers in real time 24 hours a day. Jetwin dealers are friendly and open to each and every customer showing them respect and making them feel relaxed and at ease, and sometimes also entertaining them with fun-filled talk or jokes.

 Professional dealers


  • Excellent software. Jetwin’s team of developers and project managers always keep an eye on innovative technologies appearing in the gambling market. Due to their efforts, the software and interface are updated on a constant basis, which allows the service to become even more effective and easy to use, as well as remain competitive. To keep up with the times is something that helps the company to grow and strengthen its position as a leader in the gaming industry.
  • Powerful streaming servers. They allow the live casino users enjoy an excellent HD-quality live streaming. In addition, when watching the video players can choose to turn to the 3D-view. The high quality streaming gives the platform users a feeling as if they are playing in a land-based casino. It is important to note that the clearer the video, the more confidence one has in the game fairness.


Powerful streaming servers


  • Luxurious studios. The games are video streamed from spacious studio rooms with exclusive interior designs. In the studios there is a large number of tables for various games and user preferences, including separate VIP-tables. It is worth mentioning that the gaming process is constantly monitored so that in case of any cheating the Control group can intervene and solve the problem.


Luxurious studios


  • Ultra-secure service. Having improved the performance, Jetwin can guarantee its customers a reliable service. Since the company is committed to deal responsibly with security issues and highly values its customers’ trust, Jetwin ensures that both players’ funds and personal data are fully protected.
  • One wallet. Jetwin system is designed in such a way that the customer does not have to create separate wallets for each of Jetwin’s services, be it slots, sports betting or Live Casino. It means that it will be much easier for customers to carry out all the actions, as they do not need to transfer funds from one wallet to another.
  • Multicurrency accounts. Jetwin provides its customers with an opportunity to independently choose the currency they want to keep their money in. Apart from BTC, customers may give their preference to traditional currencies, such as EUR, RUB, USD, etc. When placing bets or playing games in the live casino Jetwin users can also select any of the currencies supported by the service.
  • A wide range of games. Bitcoin casino offers the same types of games that one can find in a land-based casino, which normally accepts only standard currencies. Jetwin opens the door to the world of the most popular games, including Live Roulette, Live BlackJack, Live Baccarat and Live Hold’em.


Wide range of games


According to the internal statistical data, such games, as Live Roulette and Live Blackjack remain in high demand among Jetwin users. Each of the afore-mentioned four games has several versions and individual gaming tables. Jetwin also provides its users with an opportunity to try something exclusive and original, for instance, Blackjack Party in which alongside with shuffling and distributing cards dealers entertain players by telling them funny stories, jokes, etc. 


Blackjack Party


  • Unique products for unique experience. As mentioned previously, the majority of well-known games often have a number of exciting versions. Jetwin offers its users an innovative variant of Roulette called Immersive. This type of Roulette is based on the use of multiple cameras that allow one to track literally every launch and movement of the ball. This modern version of the classic roulette attracts players, for it gives them a great thrill at the moment of anticipation and emotional tension. The user can also play a video in slow motion to view the winning number and personally make sure that the game is fair and the casino is impartial.


Apart from Immersive Roulette, Jetwin offers its users to play an exciting Baccarat version – Live Baccarat Squeeze. This variant will be a favourite of all those who like witnessing, perhaps, the most intriguing moment, namely, a card squeeze. The user can thoroughly observe all small nuances of the gaming process captured by more than 15 cameras. Close-ups help to add authenticity and visual dynamics to the game and let player experience maximum suspense.


Baccarat Squeeze


  • 50+ gaming tables. Jetwin Live casino studios are equipped with numerous tables suiting all tastes and capacities. The availability of over 50 tables can be accounted for by a large number of games and their versions that are widely popular among Jetwin customers. Some of the tables in the gaming halls have multi-camera installations that help to capture the game in a series of close-ups.
  • Affordable limits. The gaming tables in Jetwin’s studios are categorised according to the bet types. The main advantage of Jetwin live casino is the availability of different bet limits varying from a few cents to large sums – it means that absolutely everyone has a chance to try their luck.

Affordable limits


Jetwin Live casino offers more than just roulette or card games. The service has taken care of not only its effectiveness and affordability, but also of such an important aspect, as the social element and live game effect. The more excitement the casino brings, the more positive emotions the user gets. Moreover, Jetwin always tends to follow the latest tendencies appearing in the gambling world in order to continue its successful development and promote the concept of ‘bitcoin’ to the masses.


Bitcoin + Casino = Bitcoin Casino


Gambling is a large-scale industry with a significant part of it today accounting for online gambling, including live casino. The growing popularity of bitcoin, in turn, has led to the flourishing of a new gambling facility type that focuses on this particular cryptocurrency. The number of bitcoin casinos is now on the rise, as the demand for these across the world reaches new heights., Satoshi Dice, mBitCasino are among the most recognisable bitcoin casinos in the online gaming sector.


Bitcoin Casino


As mentioned above, bitcoin is a global currency that can be used by everyone, regardless of their location. This fact allows various bitcoin casinos to open their doors to players from all around the world. It also encourages a wide spreading and mass adoption of this cryptocurrency among citizens of different countries.


Bitcoin casinos have another distinctive feature, i.e. decentralisation, meaning that they are not tied to any banking or government institution. It is important to remember that unlike standard currencies, digital money cannot be seized or frozen by a third party. Such a perspective attracts many gambling enthusiasts, and even if players are not accustomed to place bets in digital currencies, the decentralised nature of bitcoin casinos can make them consider the benefits of the cryptocurrency use. A bitcoin owner holds full control over his or her funds.


The society around the world is now seriously concerned about the reports that intelligence agencies of certain states have been conducting mass surveillance of citizens from different countries. The issue is being actively discussed by various state governments with many of them fearing that the situation will only worsen due to the activities carried out by the representatives of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). According to particular statements, the intelligence services are planning to get total control over the population of the whole planet. The information about the activities of the so-called Big Brother have been revealed largely through the documents leaked by a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee Edward Snowden. The ex-agent of the CIA gave the world’s leading publishers the files proving that the U.S. intelligence services collected data of the telephone calls made by citizens of different countries. The disclosures have provoked a negative response from the society, and, as expected, heightened the public distrust of official governments. As a result, citizens decided to search for anonymous payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies. Obviously, the casino operators took advantage of the situation identifying anonymity as the main benefit of the bitcoin casino. They insist that every player must have the right to preserve his or her privacy. Therefore, bitcoin casinos do not normally require the player to reveal any personal information except for an e-mail address that can be used to restore a password.


It is widely known that when playing in a traditional casino users have to remember about the additional expenses related to depositing, withdrawing, transferring and exchanging money, as these operations are usually carried out with the help of an intermediary, such as a bank or another financial institution. Moreover, the traditional casino operators must comply with certain tax obligations and pay the necessary license fee. In contrast, in the bitcoin casino sector there is no such notion as ‘deposit or withdrawal fee’. In addition, bitcoin casinos can optimise their expenses, as they do not have to make payments for obtaining any special licenses. This type of gaming facilities is also exempt from tax, since debates over the cryptocurrency taxation have not yet led to any agreement. Due to such economy, bitcoin casinos can afford to offer their customers better promotions, payouts as well as more bonuses, which clearly attracts players and helps this type of casinos to develop successfully.


Today the gambling venues that accept cryptocurrencies are gaining tremendous popularity because they allow users to save not only their money, but also time. Gambling enthusiasts are the people who most of all appreciate convenience of the service and seamless execution of different operations. One of the main and essential processes is withdrawal of funds. Unlike traditional casinos where the operation may take from a few hours to several days, in bitcoin casinos withdrawal is instant, as there is no involvement of a third party in the process. Players are usually guided by the idea of increasing their budget; therefore, the issue of getting winnings as quickly and securely as possible is of paramount importance.


Bitcoin casino, just like bitcoin itself, makes a kind of revolution in the world of gambling. Given the novelty and a great number of benefits, these types of casino attract both newcomers and experienced players. However, before one decides to play with bitcoins he or she should first get acquainted with the cryptocurrency, i.e. learn how to buy, store, apply or exchange it for fiat money. Having understood the peculiarities of bitcoin, one will be able to assess the usefulness of its application in different fields, including casino games. Gambling enthusiasts will definitely like the simplicity and seamlessness of playing in the bitcoin casino. Apart from being convenient, easy and anonymous, playing games in this type of gambling venues is more cost-efficient than in traditional casinos. Moreover, in order to make online gambling environment more engaging and interesting, many operators offer users to play in live casino where the social element adds to the overall excitement. It allows the bitcoin casino customers to not only spend a good time, but also gain an absolutely new and unforgettable gaming experience.